GHD Hair Straighteners Heating unit Dilemma

Published: 27th April 2011
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Are you encountering a heating unit difficulty with the GHD hairstraighteners? Probably they are from guarantee and do not slide into the ‘gear up with and tear’ category? If the GHD hairstraightener plastic material is not broken or cracked, these folks we can maintenance them for you!

If your GHD hairstraightner has damaged plastic material or is cracked then satisfy reach us just before reserving your rectification. We can go over your particular straighteners and whether we can fix them.

Possess the faulty GHD hairstraighteners repaired. Do not flip them away!

Possibly you dropped the hairstraighteners or a thing heavy was placed upon them? Perhaps you proceeded to go venturing and now these folks do not heat up? Possibly now simply one dish warms up? Do not top yourself up as accidents happen, but it is possible to possess the GHD hairstraighteners repaired.

These difficulties can occur and mark 3 and mark 4 models are more prone to the dilemma. The trouble is normally the heating system component with either the wires coming loose or the tank itself breaking.

Our UK service firm covers the full of the United Kingdom.

If the thermistor is attached to a broken tank, after that one side of your GHD hairstraighteners could warmth up, whilst the various won’t. However the working dish will get too temperate and is not safe to use. Do not try and carry on utilizing your GHD hairstraighteners, as a substitute send them in and we can service them.

You could not try and maintenance the GHD hairstraighteners on your own as which is not secure. Solely competent electricians should try to remedial an electric product. Plus you may not comprehend which you are doing or be able to obtain the correct components.

Asking a local electrician to restoration them is not the best route either. As they possibly do not normal repair GHD hairstraighteners and may possibly additionally have issues getting the correct components.

Deliver the GHD hairstraighteners to us for a professional remedial.

Instead opt for a GHD reconditioning firm which specialises in all the GHD models. Able to fix faulty GHD hairstraighteners that do not heat up appropriately and other GHD faults.

Plus our firm performs PAT, that is transportable appliance testing and is a authorized requirement. We could additionally clear your GHD hairstraighteners just before we achieve them to you. There are no camouflaged expenses and we can change any elements at no additional cost.

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